Cracking Open the Universe


By Mark Furman

Event Details

Date: September 12, 2008

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: 150 Columbia Hall, University of Oregon


Child Price: Free

Adult Price: Free

Organization: UO Office of Communications

Event Description

Find out how physics is about to change thanks to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) going online in Europe. Participating UO physics professors (Jim Brau, Graham Kribs and Eric Torrence) will detail in accessible language and appealing visuals how high-energy physics soon will be exploring how, as Brau says, "our very understanding of matter and energy, space and time will be transformed by the LHC."

This public UO event occurs just two days after scientists inject and send the first particle beam around the 17-mile-long (and round) underground LHC -- officially ushering in a new frontier in particle physics. Audience questions will be welcomed after the presentation!

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YouNews My Roses My Roses
I took this photo about 10 AM, but since it was in the shade of one of our trees, I decided to use the flash and it made it look more like I had taken it at night.
YouNews Spider from space Spider from space
While plucking dead blossoms from my Petunia plant I noticed this unusual spider so decided to take a photo of it. After loaded the shot in my computer I saw that the design on it's back looked like some sort of 'space alien'. Interesting. Enjoy.
YouNews Private Drone Used to Report Fire Private Drone Used to Report Fire
Saw smoke from a lightening strike in the hills above our place. Flew my RC plane with camera to check out the smoke. At the same time we alerted the fire department and explained we had a drone checking out the situation.