Douglas County Fire Prevention Week


By Mark Furman

Event Details

Start Date: October 7, 2009 - End Date: October 9, 2009

Time: 9 AM-2 PM Wed/Thurs 9 AM-5 PM Friday

Location: Home Depot in Roseburg, OR

Child Price: FREE

Adult Price: FREE

Organization: Douglas County Fire Prevention Co-op

Event Description

Our Co-op in partnership with Home Depot, State and local agencies and more than 20 retailers is hosting fire prevention week activities from October 7-9, 2009 at Roseburg's Home Depot. Officials have said this will be the largest venue on the entire West Coast. Coordinated by myself, Deputy State Fire Marshal Chris Lyman. A variety of activities, demonstrations and safety education will take place. Other participating agencies include the State Fire Marshal's office, Douglas County Sheriff's office, BLM, US Forest Service, Douglas Forest Protective Association, Oregon Depart of Transportation, Red Cross, Oregon Burn Center, Allied Fire Systems, Bend Fire Protection, Umpqua Valley Fire Services and donation by Seven Feathers Casino, Steamboat Inn, Lemolo Lake Resort, Perfect Look and many more. (This is a non-profit event). There will also be a ferris wheel for the kids and Wildlife Safari with Chettah's, Lions, Tigers and retiles. We also are offering free hot dogs, cotton candy, Pepsi, Coca-cola and cookies from Albertson's. This will be an exciting event and if nothing else invite you down here to Roseburg. I hope this will make not only your community post but possibly have you down for a hot dog and an interview.
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YouNews Rain Drop Prisms in Suzy's Yard Rain Drop Prisms in Suzy's Yard
Water drops on dandelion seed heads. The first rain we have had for awhile came this morning.
YouNews My Roses My Roses
I took this photo about 10 AM, but since it was in the shade of one of our trees, I decided to use the flash and it made it look more like I had taken it at night.
YouNews Spider from space Spider from space
While plucking dead blossoms from my Petunia plant I noticed this unusual spider so decided to take a photo of it. After loaded the shot in my computer I saw that the design on it's back looked like some sort of 'space alien'. Interesting. Enjoy.