The Eugene Christmas Light Show


By Mark Furman

Event Details

Start Date: November 27, 2009 - End Date: January 10, 2010

Time: from 5:00 PM until 10:00 PM Every Night

Location: 3393 St Kitts ave, Eugene, OR 97408


Child Price: free

Adult Price: free

Organization: The Eugene Christmas Light Show

Event Description

The Eugene Christmas Light Show” is Back for Another Season
Citizens of Eugene, Oregon are walking around with an extra bounce in their step
this month as they eagerly anticipate the return of “The Eugene Christmas Light
“Once upon a time my wife asked me to decorate the house for Christmas,” laughs
Alexander Ponce-Bonano, creator of the “The Eugene Christmas Light Show”. “Now,
ask any 6 year old to describe the house. We’re the Christmas house.”
The heart of “The Eugene Christmas Light Show,” the Ponce-Bonano home will be
glittering with over 70,000 Christmas lights and animations and Christmas
characters of all shapes and sizes, including a gigantic Santa Claus and a
thankfully weatherproof Frosty the Snowman.
“In 1998 we moved to…Crescent Meadows. We soon began to decorate the house for
the Christmas holiday. For the first few years it was kept simple, (but) that
got old quite fast,” says Ponce-Bonano. “In 2004 I decided to add a 10 foot
megatree and computer control animation…
Residents of Eugene and the surrounding communities will be stunned by this
year’s show, which will begin the day after Thanksgiving and run from 5-10pm
until January 10th.
“We have new animations, new music, new displays and a lot more lights,” happily
states Ponce-Bonano.
Work on “The Eugene Christmas Light Show” runs year round, with preparations
beginning as early as July to create new song sequences and ensure that the
display is able to run automatically under computer control. Each show lasts
approximately half an hour and repeats several times a night.
This year’s musical line-up includes “Siberian Sleigh Ride” and “Wizards in
Winter” by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Monique Danielle’s “Carol of the Bells”
and the “Jingle Bells Techno Mix”, along with a variety of other holiday
favorites. Fans can hear the soundtrack to this year’s “Eugene Christmas Light
Show” by tuning in to Frosty’s FM 89.3, transmitted directly from the
Ponce-Bonano home using a low power FM transmitter.
Visitors can park on the streets surrounding the Ponce-Bonano home to see the
“The streets get pretty crowded, so be prepared for delays,” says Ponce-Bonano.
“The Eugene Christmas Light Show” isn’t Alexander Ponce-Bonano’s only claim to
fame. Star Trek fans will remember him best as a member of the production crew
of Star Trek: Enterprise and a full fledged, costumed member of the Orpheus
Mining Colony in the 2005 episode “Demons.” He also appeared in the 2007 film
“Say It In Russian” and the 1992 film “Dialtone” as Carlos the Columbian
Assassin, and has filled other miscellaneous cast, consultant and crew positions
in hits like “28 Days Later”, “Back to the Future” (I, II and III), “Alias” and
“Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.
In 2003 he was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a chronic autoimmune
neuromuscular disease that results in severe muscle weakness. That hasn’t slowed
him down, however. Along with “The Eugene Christmas Light Show” Ponce-Bonano
continues to be an active, involved father to his two children and a dedicated
family man while teaching the ins and outs of computer decorating free of
Alexander Ponce-Bonano’s film experience and natural flair for the dramatic have
turned ordinary holiday decorating into a spectacular Christmas light
For more information on
“The Eugene Christmas Light Show” visit
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