The 52 Moves of NIA

The 52 Moves of NIA 01/30/10
Janet Hollander and Katie Strong
Saturday, January 30, 2:00 - 4:00 pm.
$20 Prepaid/$24 door

The 52 moves are the building blocks of all Classic NIA workouts. Classic NIA—Neuromuscular Integrative Action—is choreographed dance routines that address the whole person by using a comprehensive, holistic exercise approach designed with a combination of nine classic movement forms. Designed to deliver fitness results, the NIA moves also fill therapeutic needs. They will help you develop a movement vocabulary you can use in life to self-heal and in your workouts to get the maximum benefits.
In this workshop, we will practice and personalize NIA’s 52 moves, learning to express them in your "Body’s Way." In the first half, we will study and become comfortable with each of the moves. In the second half, enjoy an energetic workout, at any intensity level you choose, putting all of the 52 moves in sequence.
Seasoned students will love the challenge to test their skill, while new students will love the opportunity to learn and practice the moves.
Get a start on either consecutive 4 week class series beginning February 3.

Janet Hollander is a NIA Technique Black Belt. Janet has a B.A. in gerontology, specializing in older adult fitness.
(541) 729-2894 l

Katie Strong is a NIA Technique White Belt Teacher, NIA 5 Stages Teacher & Aqua NIA Teacher.
(541) 485-9953 l