February Third Thursday

The public is invited to our February Third Thursday meeting.


The League of Women Voters was begun 90 years ago this month. So our Third Thursday will be a special celebration of our 90th Anniversary, and we will also commemorate the 90th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote in the United States. A ceremony of appreciation will honor past presidents of the Lane County League.

Oregon’s first and only woman governor is our special speaker for this occasion.

Our Third Thursdays happen in The Mallard Banquet Hall at 725 West 1st Street in Eugene.The program, which is free, will begin at 12:15 p.m.  For those who wish to purchase lunch ($10.00 which includes tip), a buffet is spread at 11:45.

Call the League office, 343-7917, or e-mail us at league@lwvlc.org for lunch reservations which are not required.  But they are very much appreciated.  

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan, political organization which encourages informed active participation in government, and influencing public policy through education and advocacy. Any person of voting age, male or female, may become a League member.