Eug Rec: Traditional Boat Show


By Joe Smelser

Event Details

Date: August 7, 2010

Time: 12 noon - 5 pm

Location: Fern Ridge Reservoir's Richardson Marina

Phone: 541-998-3484


Event Description

Eug Rec: Traditional Boat Show

For more information, contact: Sandy Shafer, 541-682-6348, or
Mike Thoele, 541-998-3484

Boat Lovers Invited to "Come Aboard" At Traditional Boat Show

Love boats? Don't miss the Traditional Boat Show on Saturday, August 7, noon-5 p.m., at .

The event will feature boats with classic lines, including paddle or oar, sail or power, wood or fiberglass. The show is presented by Triton Yacht Club and co-sponsored by the City of Eugene Recreation Services and Lane County Parks. The event is free. Parking fee is $3.

Some 40 owners will display their boats, which will include a Northwest Indian dugout canoe, Scandinavian dinghy with hand-carved trim, and wooden boats built more than a half-century ago. Modern wood and fiberglass craft inspired by traditional designs will also be on display.

Larger boats will be displayed in the water at Richardson Marina's A-Dock, with most boat owners encouraging visitors to come aboard. Smaller craft will be arrayed on the lawn at the head of the dock.

Life jackets will be provided for children on the docks.

For more information, contact: Mike Thoele at 541-998-3484 or

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