Eugene Irish Cultural Festival

Eugene Irish Cultural Festival

March 7, 8pm ~ Beall Concert Hall
March 8, 10:30am - 6:30pm ~ Sheldon High School

The Eugene Irish Cultural Festival is a healthy, family-friendly, alcohol-free event shifting the focus away from alcohol and towards celebrating the positive aspects of Irish culture.

Daytime Festival at Sheldon High School

  • Tickets for the Daytime Festival are $15 adults; $10 students/seniors and free admission for kids 5 & under.
  • Daytime Festivities include non-stop music; workshops on Irish instruments and language; creative family activities; an afternoon Ceili dance & food; Final performance: The Nettles at 5pm
  • Separate admission is required for Daytime Festival and the Evening Concert
  • For more info:

Evening Concert at Beall Concert Hall at 8pm featuring Traditional Celtic Music

  • Ticket price is $189 adult; $12 student/senior. Separate admission is required for Daytime and Evening Festivals
  • Tickets info: or purchase at the door