Lisa Nico

Lisa Nico
Lisa Nico
Lisa Nico is a proud Oregonian! She grew up in a small Portland suburb and graduated from Portland State University with a degree in Communication and a certificate in Writing.

Lisa kicked off her professional writing career doing freelance work for the online magazine, What’s Happening PDX. In her autobiographical monthly column, “City Life,” Lisa took readers to exciting events around Portland that revolved around fashion, food, and fun. She continued her training while interning at KPTV in Portland, before moving to Eugene to work for KVAL as a multi-media journalist and producer in 2012.

When she’s not making the news, you can probably find Lisa in the kitchen! Her passions include food and drink, family and friends, movies and music, tennis, and spending time with her fluffy felines, Iggy and Bowie.

Lisa wants to report on the stories you care about. If you see something, or have a story idea, drop Lisa a line on email or Twitter.

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Local & Regional 'Since the GTFs aren't there, a lot of students don't know what to study for' 'Since the GTFs aren't there, a lot of students don't know what to study for' (Video)
Negotations between the University of Oregon and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation continue as the union's strike stretches into its third full day.

As the graduate teaching assitants who teach many of the classes at UO continue to picket, students are starting to worry.