Olympic Dispatches

Beijing Dispatches:
by YouNews correspondent Dr. Robert Elliott

Dr. Bob Elliott is a freelance photojournalist with over 20 years of experience.  His major focus is on athletic competitions, particularly track and field.  When his schedule permits, he competes in road races.  Dr. Bob works as a neuropsychologist in Los Angeles and resides with his wife in Manhattan Beach, California.

Summer heat

What are you doing to beat the heat?

  • Air condiitioning
  • Fans
  • Keeping the house closed up
  • Heading to the lake/river/pool
  • Heading to the coast
  • Ice cold brews
  • Not enough

Your Photos

YouNews Backyard Photo Backyard Photo
Just wanting to show our backyard, which we love.
YouNews Elk Ignore People Elk Ignore People
I was returning from Brookings and did a double take when passing the Dean Creek Elk Viewing area. The elk were only 10-15 from the fence.
YouNews The Springfield Sky Aglow The Springfield Sky Aglow
This was the moonrise that greeted me last night on my way home to Eugene from caring for the cats at the Springfield TNR Project. I haven't seen the sky glow like that since the fire that took down the Swanson Mill in July 2014.