Olympic Dispatches

Beijing Dispatches:
by YouNews correspondent Dr. Robert Elliott

Dr. Bob Elliott is a freelance photojournalist with over 20 years of experience.  His major focus is on athletic competitions, particularly track and field.  When his schedule permits, he competes in road races.  Dr. Bob works as a neuropsychologist in Los Angeles and resides with his wife in Manhattan Beach, California.

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Your Photos

YouNews Lightning strikes home Lightning strikes home
Lightning struck a house on Bundy Road in Monroe. It went up very quickly and it is not known who was home. There were dogs in the house and not sure if they were able to get out alive. It looks like it was a total loss.
YouNews Fern Ridge Snow Owl Fern Ridge Snow Owl
The snow owl was sitting out in the open today for all to see.
YouNews Breathtaking Coburg Sunrise... Breathtaking Coburg Sunrise...
I was walking through my house when something in my kitchen window caught my eye.So I went outside to get a better look.When I stepped out on to my front porch I saw one of the most beautiful and colorful sunrises I think I've ever seen.