Olympic Dispatches

Beijing Dispatches:
by YouNews correspondent Dr. Robert Elliott

Dr. Bob Elliott is a freelance photojournalist with over 20 years of experience.  His major focus is on athletic competitions, particularly track and field.  When his schedule permits, he competes in road races.  Dr. Bob works as a neuropsychologist in Los Angeles and resides with his wife in Manhattan Beach, California.

Heat and food

How does the hot weather affect your dinner plans?

  • We eat out more
  • We plan simpler meals
  • We use the grill more
  • Wonderful Spam!
  • No changes

Your Photos

YouNews Briarwood Residents Protect Nesting Duck Briarwood Residents Protect Nesting Duck
Each year the same two ducks make Briarwood there home and have little ducks. This year they've chosen a spot in the planter area of the clubhouse parking lot, not there best choice for a nesting spot.
YouNews Lush Green at the Lake Lush Green at the Lake
I took these photos at Eel lake (Tugman park) while attending my great-granddaughters 6 birthday. We had a great time even though it was an overcast day.
YouNews Uncharacteristic Thunderstorms in Eugene Uncharacteristic Thunderstorms in Eugene
I was able to get images of the very active lightning storm as it rolled through Eugene from the southwest last night. It seemed to start in my area about 11PM. The pictures show lightning over the Eugene Natives School and hills southwest of Bertleson Rd.