'Bomb' bear will go to a good cause

'Bomb' bear will go to a good cause

Press release from Oregon State Police

What appears to be the good intentions of someone to donate a teddy bear to Oregon State Police (OSP) unfortunately led to a brief closure of the OSP Albany office Monday morning. The office was re-opened after an OSP bomb technician closely inspected the teddy bear left outside the front door over the weekend. The inspection confirmed it was in fact a teddy bear, and OSP now has the bear ready to comfort a child when needed.

On December 28, 2009 at approximately 8:00 a.m. an OSP office staff employee opening the Albany office for regular business spotted a teddy bear inside an opaque plastic bag which had been placed next to the front door. Unaware of who or why it was left there, the decision was made to keep the office closed until OSP bomb technicians could respond from Salem to examine it and ensure it was nothing more than what it appeared to be.

Within 30 minutes bomb technicians arrived, took an x-ray picture and confirmed it wasn't a dangerous object. The office was re-opened about 9:00 a.m.

OSP believes the teddy bear was left at the front door to give to a child involved in a traumatic incident. For several years, police and fire agencies use donated stuffed animals to give to children involved in a traumatic incident. Most donations are provided to OSP offices by local organizations, but sometimes people stop by OSP offices during regular business hours to drop off teddy bears and other stuff animals to help troopers comfort children when they need a buddy.

Just in time for the upcoming New Year's holiday weekend when troopers will be responding to many emergencies, the teddy bear has found a new temporary home in an OSP sergeant's patrol car. Soon, it will be placed in the hands of a child who needs such a buddy.

The OSP Explosives Unit personnel remind everyone that if you see a suspicious, unknown object or possible explosive device to leave it where it was spotted and not handle it. Move all people away from the area and contact your local law enforcement agency or OSP.