Eugene barbershop torn apart: 'I can get through this one'

Eugene barbershop torn apart: 'I can get through this one'

EUGENE, Ore. - A business dispute between a new and former business owner left Mick's Old School Barber Shop in a shambles.

After recently buying the barbershop on Roosevelt at Highway 99 in west Eugene, David Carpenter said he won't be able to start cutting hair as soon as he'd hoped. 

On Tuesday, Carpenter told KVAL News he made a deal last week with former-owner Michael Kliment to buy the shop for $4,500.00 cash. Carpenter said that he feels he's the victim of fraud.

"I was expecting to take over, and I come in and the barber chairs are gone, the mirrors are gone … sinks on the wall are gone,” said Carpenter.

When he and landlord Barbara Zellner visited the store on Monday they say they found everything had been torn out.

“He stripped it, including the barber pole,” said Zellner. “This has been a barber shop since 1961 when the building was built.”

KVAL News reporter Tom Adams called Mr. Kliment to get his side of the story. After a brief conversation Kliment sent Adams a text saying "No more comments--I will let the judge decide."

Nearly everything was taken from the shop, but Carpenter said his new business venture won't be clipped by this bump in the road. He plans to open up for business next week.

"No, I've had worse things than this in my eye. And it didn't hurt, so I can get through this one," Carpenter said.

Time will tell what happens next -- Zellner said she doesn't know if there will be legal action.

Just over a month ago, volunteers helped repair damage at the same barbershop after an alleged break-in

"The community had come out just really supporting him, so I guess this is the thanks they get," said landlord Zellner.