Downtown Eugene

Communities Tuesday Farmers Market continues through Oct. 27 Tuesday Farmers Market continues through Oct. 27
If the crowds at the Saturday Market don't do it for you, try shopping for fresh produce at the Lane County Farmers Market on Tuesdays in downtown Eugene.

While there are fewer vendors, there are fewer lines and fewer shoppers -- allowing you to make more of your time.
Communities Wreck blocks 7th Ave Wreck blocks 7th Ave
A two-car wreck blocked 7th Avenue at Olive Street in Downtown Eugene for about 45 minutes this afternoon.

Police say two people were taken to the hospital and their injuries were non-life-threatening.

The crash happened around 3 p.m.
Communities Learn more about Full City Coffee Learn more about Full City Coffee
YouNews reporter Dancernews posted a report on why he likes Full City Coffee in Eugene, Ore.

"The first time I tasted it I was hooked," Dancernews wrote.
Communities Downtown Flowers Downtown Flowers
While I was walking around downtown over the weekend, I couldn't help but notice there are actually a lot of beautiful flowers planted everywhere!

I like the combination of nature and city life.
Communities Spiders everywhere! Spiders everywhere!
It seems like everywhere I turn downtown: I run into a spider!

They scare me, but I also think they are beautiful.

Check out this guy's striped legs.
Communities Why I love local farmers: Why I love local farmers:
I think the picture speaks for itself!

I bought the bread, tomatoes and basil over the weekend at the Saturday Market.

I love trying the different heirloom tomatoes from all of the different farmers. It is amazing what a distinct flavor they each have.
Communities Live (free) Glass Blowing Live (free) Glass Blowing
Every Friday and Saturday night from 6:00 to 9:00 P.M. you can check out live (and free) glass blowing at Studio West!

The gallery is located 245 West 8th Avenue.
Communities Urban Herb Gardens Urban Herb Gardens
I started an herb garden this summer. I have Thai basil, basil, chives and some other leafy greens.

I love sticking my nose in the basils and taking in the smells. Now, I just have to learn to cook.
Communities Honesty or Accusation? Honesty or Accusation?
I found this sign lying in front of my front door this morning.

I assume it was used by someone asking for money. (And not a note left for me!) I thought it was an interesting tactic: the brutal self-assessment.