Grants available for rural volunteer emergency responders

Grants available for rural volunteer emergency responders

The first round of Apple A Day Rural Volunteer EMS Training Grants are now available for volunteers who work in communities more than 10 miles from population centers of 40,000 people or more.

The purpose of these grants is to help defray the costs of continuing education for the unsung heroes of the healthcare system: volunteer emergency medical technicians and first responders. The maximum grant award is $300.

The state anticipates that the requests for grant funds will exceed the dollars available, so they've set the following funding priorities:

* service in a frontier community,
* service provided through an all-volunteer agency, or
* relative difficulty in accessing continuing education

Please take a look at the application and, if you are eligible, apply for these funds. To apply, complete and return the applicaiton by Friday, March 19, 2010. Please call Linda Peppler at 503.494.4450 or e-mail her at if you have any questions.