Couple charged with abusing infant daughter

Couple charged with abusing infant daughter

Officers from the Cottage Grove Police Department were flagged down Sunday by a hysterical mother and father carrying their two-month-old infant daughter.

They said the infant was accidentally injured when stepped on at their residence, and they were en route to the hospital.

They were taken to the Cottage Grove Community Hospital by Cottage Grove Police. Due to significant injuries, the infant was transported to Sacred Heart Hospital at Riverbend. At Riverbend Hospital, significant skeletal injuries were discovered, police said.

Cottage Grove Police Department said Tuesday that their investigation revealed that the infant had been subjected to abuse at the hands of Michael Oreily Orton (above), 21, the infant's biological father.

After interviewing Orton on Sunday, he was arrested and taken to the Lane County Jail on suspicion of criminal mistreatment, third degree assault and reckless endangering.

On Monday, detectives interviewed the infant's biological mother Antoninette Lori Bernhardt, 21 (below). Police arrested her and took her to the Lane County Jail on suspciion of Criminal Mistreatment 1.

The baby was still in the ICU at RiverBend Tuesday morning, police said. The couple's 3-year-old girl has been taken into state protective custody.