Hit film 'How to Train Your Dragon' features voice of Chihuahua from Cottage Grove

Ted and Tammi Evans of Cottage Grove thought the e-mail from someone claiming to be from Skywalker Sound was a scam.

The sound engineer had found a video of their purebred Chihuahua Paco "talking" on YouTube. Skywalker wanted to use Paco's voice as part of a new project.

"We didn't know what the project would be. They told me it would be a cartoon. I thought it would be a little short. I didn't know it was going to be a movie."

Paco supplied the voice for the baby dragons called the Terrible Terrors in "How to Train Your Dragon," the box-office hit that posted $43.3 million its opening weekend en route to a No. 1 debut.

Paco earned four times the going rate for dog voice actors for the role - $100.

And his voice may be used in another upcoming animated feature film.

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