Local Diabetes camp started because of Thurston family

Local Diabetes camp started because of Thurston family

Camp Wilani has served family's in Lane County every summer for over 50 years with it's traditional and rustic day and overnight camps. But this year due to the involvement of a local Thurston family they reached out to serve in a different way.

Jacari Collins, 2nd generation Thurston resident, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes two years ago. She had to learn to use a glucose moniter to test her blood sugar, learn about counting carbs for meals and snacks and (with parent help) give her own insulin shots. A lot of responsibility for a 10 year old.

Her mother, Sarah, a long time Camp Fire member and Camp Wilani alumni wanted "Cari" to have the same fun experience she had as a child. So working with our local Camp Fire council this year Camp Wilani held the first ever camp session for children with diabetis.

"This camp still delivers the same fun program for all children; swimming, zip line and canoes. It took some planning for medical staff and meals and we did not get a large attendance but hope to grow as we develop the program." said Barbara Utt, Executive Director at Camp Fire USA Wilani Council.

There is only one other camp in Oregon that serves children with diabetis and that is located in the Portland area. Wilani hopes this will be accessable for local families.

As for Cari; she just had fun.