Wanted man walks into UO dorms

The young man said he was in the Reserve Officer Training Corps at another college, visiting the University of Oregon on Friday to sell magazine subscriptions.

As students and their parents moved in to Tingle Hall in the Hamilton Complex on the University of Oregon campus, Anthony Neil, 20, walked into the dorm and talked to students -- and highlighted an important safety message for the campus community.

"He was saying he was from the ROTC at some other school but that he wasn't in college yet and was trying to sell magazines," said Adrianna Creese, a Tingle Hall resident.

"I mean, I didn't buy any," said Carly Cotter, another Tingle Hall resident, "but I pretty much thought it was a scam."

Someone caught on that Neil wasn't a student and called campus police, who took him into custody -- only to find out he wasn't just trespassing. STORY