Blount offers up another apology

Blount offers up another apology

University of Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount offered up another apology this – this time in a piece he wrote in the Oregon Daily Emerald.

"There is no justification for my behavior – not the 'heat of the moment,' not the 'agony of defeat,' and definitely not anything said or done by an opponent," Blount wrote.

Blount punched Boise State player Byron Hout after the Duck's loss to the Broncos on Sept. 3. He also lunged at fans heckling him and had to be restrained by a coach and police officer.

Blount first apologized as reporters crowded him in the locker room right after the punch.

The next day head coach Chip Kelly suspended Blount for the entire season. He was, however, allowed to stay on the team and remain in school – a point he addressed in the Daily Emerald apology.

"Going forward, what I hope for is the opportunity to show that I am able to earn a second chance as a University student. And if I am so fortunate, I believe that I also will demonstrate that I am a better man and a better human being for having lived through this unfortunate experience," he wrote.

Most of the 51 comments on the article when I looked were very positive toward Blount. One person wrote "we are all proud of your commitment to move on in a positive way." Another person claiming to be a faculty member wrote "everyone makes mistakes. The most important thing is to learn from them."