Duck themed jet to "buzz" Autzen Stadium before WSU game

Duck themed jet to "buzz" Autzen Stadium before WSU game

It's not quite Maverick buzzing the tower, but tomorrow the Ducks and Horizon Air are going to "buzz" Autzen Stadium with Horizon's UO-themed commercial jet.

The green and yellow 70-seat jet will make two flybys just before kickoff of the Washington State game, which is scheduled for 6:15 p.m.

Horizon says the plane will make two low-level passes of the stadium. The first will be from the northwest to the southeast, giving people on the north side of Autzen a view. The plane will then fly from the southeast to the northwest so the south side can see.

Horizon has a series of college-themed jets. Oregon State, Washington and Washington State currently have planes. A Boise State jet will join the fleet next month.

If you want to fly the UO jet (or the OSU jet), the CRJ-700 model planes primarily fly Horizon's longer routes, including flights to California from Seattle, Spokane, Boise and Portland.

If you snap a photo of the jet in action during the game, send it to YouNews. We might just put it on TV!