Recommended reading for 2010 from the Fern Ridge Public Library

From the Fern Ridge Public Library Facebook page
Forget doing MORE in 2010! Instead, embrace a slow, quiet, and/or sustainable future this coming year. Here are a few titles to put you in that frame of mind...

Slow Is Beautiful: New Visions of Community, Leisure and Joie de Vivre by Cecile Andrews
Andrews founded Seattle's Phinney Ecovillage with her husband and advocates here for sustainable, neighborhood-based communities. For those of you who have embraced the 'slow-food' movement, this may be right up your alley.

In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed by Carl Honore
Author Honore scored a surprise best-seller a few years back by examining the idea of slowing down in a society obsessed by speed. The inspiration for the book came as he found himself horrified at the realization he was hurrying to finish a bedtime story for his own child. Find your balance with this look at 'savoring the moment.'

One Square Inch of Silence: One Man's Search for Natural Silence in a Noisy World by Gordon Hempton and John Grossmann
This caught my eye because it involves a cross-country trip in a VW bus, and kept my attention as Hempton 'bends an inquisitive and loving ear to the varied natural voices of the American landscape.' Includes a CD of the various recordings and photographs taken during the author's travels.

A Book of Silence by Sara Maitland
If you were one of six siblings you might have done what Sara did too... explore a new love of silence in remote areas of Scotland and in the Sinai desert. This one promises beautiful writing and a look at the cultural history of silence. Rising quickly to the top of the 'to-read' pile!

The New Frugality: How to Consume Less, Save More, and Live Better by Chris Farrell
This one may seem to be necessary in today's economy, but perhaps it is a good way for everyone to live?!