Crepes, Sushi, Coffee & Tea 24/7 @One Cup!

Crepes, Sushi, Coffee & Tea 24/7 @One Cup!

Listen to vinyl records & chill with a "Dub Style" latte in the pre dawn hours at "One Cup Coffee & Tea House" on 3rd & Blair.

Starting Oct. 3 they are open 24/7. I asked proprietor Okon Udosenata why 24/7 and he replied that the locals including his fellow baristas complained that there was no place to go for a mellow atmosphere to get quality coffees and teas late night.

Okon is a smooth cat with a hip vibe that had this blogger thinking he must be from somewhere much cooler than here ... like Amsterdam maybe? Or at least Seattle ... but no, he and his wife Gloria grew up in North Eugene and opened their shop this past January conveniently across the street from Ninkasi Brewery (ok, maybe just convenient for me ... cant wait for that new tasting room to open!)

Along with the best coffee drinks and herbal teas, One Cup also serves from 7pm-4am their "Rebel Sushi" including lots of vegetarian options including their "fried green tomato roll" (which you can get with fried catfish) and a delectable array of crepes with chantrelles and gruyer cheese and home made ganache ... yummm. Their coffee is good too. This soul rebel wants another cup.