Resolution into reality: 'It can be kind of a scary thing to go out to eat'

Resolution into reality: 'It can be kind of a scary thing to go out to eat'

EUGENE, Ore. - There is no shortage of places to eat in Eugene. Better yet, there is no shortage of places to eat with healthy options. Low fat, low calorie, gluten free, sugar free, organic, vegan, the options seem endless.

"Eugene is a pretty easy place to eat," says Nicole Siegel, manager of Holy Cow Cafe. "We are a little spoiled in this part of the country and this city especially."

While a plethora of possibilities only makes sense as a positive, it can be a negative for those with a resolution.

"It can be kind of a scary thing to go out to eat," explains Nutrition Coach Rachel Cazavilan, "because you don't really know what you are supposed to eat."

Cazavilan says the solution is simply education. Everyone is different. Before choosing the low fat or gluten free options do a little research.

"Hire a nutrition coach, go on a website, read some books, do a little bit of digging," adds Cazavilan, "And you can always find something in a restaurant."

If losing weight is your New Years Resolution there are some steps you can take to making it a reality. First up, be specific. Instead of saying you will lose weight, say exactly how much weight you will lose. Just be sure to make it realistic. An unreachable goal will likely lead to a feeling of failure.

Like any goal, it's best to set small goals that will lead you on a path to attaining that larger accomplishment, and a resolution is no different. You also have to be prepared to make it a lifestyle change.

"You want everything around you to start to move toward being a support of that goal," says Cazavilan, "Let you're friends know this is what you are trying to do. Clean out your fridge and have a fresh start. Schedule time to go to the grocerie store, time to prepare meals."

Cazavilan also says that one of the best things you can do for yourself when setting goals is to write them down. Social media websites are a great place to do just that. You just want to be careful how you word it.

"Humans do better with goals when they are positive goals instead of negative goals," explains Cazavilan, "So instead of saying, 'I'm not going to do this, I'm going to stop doing this, I shouldn't do this,' we say what we are going to do."

So whether your resolution is to lose weight, eat better, quit smoking or simply spend time with the family, it is never too late to start.

Cazavilan says, "2013 is a great year to change your life, but really every morning you can make a decision to change your life."