Seasonal Affective Disorder


By Kendra Schmitt
Northern County Psychiatric Associates
Evidence Based Mental Health Education & Information
Daylight Saving Time

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July 4th weekend

What was the highlight of the 4th of July Weekend?

  • Fireworks
  • Honoring America
  • Butte to Butte
  • Parade
  • Getting out of town
  • Being with family/friends
  • Women's World Cup victory
  • Nathan's hot dog eating contest
  • Great weather
  • Other

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YouNews Old Glory on Independence Day morning Old Glory on Independence Day morning
Got up early to do some chores before the heat of the day, and this scene greeted me when I stepped out the back door.
YouNews Caged Tomatoes Caged Tomatoes
This is for Al Peterson's backyard album. My cage raised tomatoes.