Train Derails


Albany train derailment

By Carla Castano

Six homes were evacuated and crowds gathered along the streets in Albany after a train derailed for an unknown reason this morning, knocking out electricity for about 30 homes and smashing a house and van.

The Portland and Western Train with about 80 cars derailed shortly after leaving their rail yard at seven this morning, eight empty cars tipped over. railroad operations have been rescheduled while efforts to get the neighborhood back on track continue.

A team of more than 20 from Portland and Western Railroad Worked all day to clean up the mess.
Albany Resident, Troy Revis, says "we heard a train go by and it didn't sound like usual a big crash and the breaks released we looked out the window and saw it was tipped over" Of all 30 neighbors that lost power, you can see from Randy Dent's kitchen window he got the worst of the accident.

Through the living room floor you can see the ground and there are cracks in the walls.
"Right now the train is pushed into it," says Dent.
The railroad will pay for all the damages and a city engineer has made sure the house is structurally safe for the Dent family to stay in.

But while neighbors wait for electricity, workers spend hours moving the first rail car.
Bruce Carswell with Portland & Western Railroad Inc. Says, the accident stretches out "400 to 500 feet is the length of the eight cars that fell over. Each car weighs about 35 tons that's why we've got the crane in here."
Two cranes hoist the car while a crew tries to align the wheels with the track.
It is a long process hours to upright each of the eight cars.
Then an engine comes hailing away the cars with only minor damage one at a time.

The eight cars were all cleared and electricity was restored to the homes by Sunday evening.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation and no word yet on how much in total damages.
Neither the conductor or locomotive engineer were hurt and even though all six of the Dent family members were home none were injured.

The Department of Transportation and the Federal Railroad Administration will both be looking into the investigation.

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