Camp Fire Cuts

Camp Fire USA Wilani Council has received some disappointing news, they will be losing nearly 70 thousand dollars next year.


By Carla Castano

Camp Fire USA Wilani Council has received some disappointing news, they will be losing nearly 70 thousand dollars next year.
That's because United Way of Lane County has decided to pull their funding from the agency.

Wednesday KVAL met with representatives from both United Way and Camp Fire USA Wilani Council who both say the Wilani Council received several warnings some dating back to 1998.

In the announcement United Way did say "The difficult decision to no longer fund Wilani Council in no way reflects the quality youth program."
Cheryl Crumbley with United Way of Lane County says, "it had to do with some instability in fiscal matters and some governance issues in terms of a stable board and I can see they are already addressing those in a really vigorous way and that's very good."

The Wilani Council has had funding issues in the past but the loss of United Way money will mean camp fire USA Wilani Council will lose 27 percent of their revenue.

Tisha Oehmen was just sworn in as Wilani Board President elect on Monday, she says she's determined to make the needed changes but wants the public to know that the council has not abused their power.
Tisha Oehmen told us Wednesday, "There have not been embezzlement issues there have not been gross mismanagement issues the problem Camp Fire Wilani Council faces frankly is a cash flow problem."

Ohemen says with a 27 percent loss in funding there will be some cuts coming. No word yet on where exactly those cuts will be.

Oheman also told KVAL that they will really be pushing their candy sales and their "Chocolate Affair" fundraisers this year to try and regain some of that lost money.

Camp fire USA Wilani Council serves about two-thousand youth in Lane County.

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