Are artificial Christmas trees more eco friendly?

Are artificial Christmas trees more eco friendly?
It's one of those questions with no easy answer: Which is better for the environment -- a natural Christmas tree or an artificial one?

King County Eco-Consumer Tom Watson says you can make a case for either option.

"The cut tree, a lot of times they are locally grown and you want to go for the locally-grown ones, so you can support local farmers. And you can try to get one that doesn't have many pesticides," Watson says.

"And also you can make sure it gets turned into compost when you're done, that's called tree cycling. But then an artificial tree can be somewhat green also because you are using less resources when you're using the same thing year after year."

Tom's favorite, though, is a living Christmas tree. You can plant it in the spring or keep it in a pot for a few years.

"For people who don't want to do that, you should ask the nursery where you buy this living tree if they will take it back and some of them will and then they donate them to a reforestation project, for example."

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