Photo Gallery: Your photos of fire

Photo Gallery: Your photos of fire
Photo by YouNews reporter vswag

EUGENE, Ore. - When news breaks, sometimes the first people on scene aren't police or firefighters, much less journalists.

It's people like you - often with a digital camera or cell phone.

KVAL News values contributions from YouNews reporters, who have captured our area from all sorts of angles. | See the Photo Gallery

In recent weeks, we have featured your photographs of the Oregon Coast; Oregon waterfalls; Oregon wildlife; and Oregon mountains; as well as your photographs of the Lane County Fair, the coronation of the new Slug Queen, and the Scandinavian Festival in Junction City.

Just as important as chance encounters with natural beauty, however, are those moments when you find yourself in the right place at the right time: a beached whale on the Oregon Coast; a tornado touches down in Peoria; or when wind, rain, snow or lightning conspire to turn an otherwise normal day into an adventure.

This week, features your photographs of fires: campfires, house fires, forest fires.

Remember: If you have a digital video camera or still photo camera and you see news happen:

  1. Keep a safe distance, and follow instructions from firefighters and police
  2. If no one is on scene, call 911 if it is an emergency. If you are trained in first aid, provide assistance
  3. Film what you see - then post your video and photos on or send them to

We use your video and photos in almost every newscast - and sometimes, you'll have better material than we do, so we want to share it with the rest of the community.

Thank you again, YouNews reporters, for helping and KVAL News cover our communities. We don't report the news for you; we report the news with you. Thanks again for being part of the team.


Mark Furman
Web producer,