Photo Gallery: For the love of dogs

Photo Gallery: For the love of dogs
LilyAnn and her dogs. Photo by YouNews reporter krazykathyp

EUGENE, Ore. - Aug. 26 is National Dog Day. took a look at YouNews photos and found plenty of examples of pets in action - and in costumes.

You can share your videos and photos of your pets - whether they are cats, dogs, birds or "other" - on, and we'll share them on KVAL 13 TV News, too. | See the Photo Gallery

Greenhill Humane Society has some tips on how to show your dog extra love this week to celebrate National Dog Day: 

Hold a pooch ‘play date’ - Gather your neighbors and their dogs at a local dog park or someone's home. The dogs will love the canine company and owners can spend time sharing stories about their dogs and ways to improve their daily care.

Spend extra time at your dog's favorite spot - Whether it's a wooded area, the dog park or just an extra long run, indulge your dog by doing what he or she loves to do best. Most of all, you and your dog will enjoy quality time together.

Buy healthy treats - Every dog enjoys a treat. Buy a new treat or more of the ones your dog already loves. Be sure they are healthy, free from chemicals and artificial preservatives.

Give your favorite pooch a spa treatment! – These days, there are many options for giving your dog a much-deserved ‘spa day’.  Let a local business indulge Fido!  

Write a note to thank the people who take care of your pet - Whether it's a dog walker, groomer or trainer, many dog owners have partners who help care for their dog. Send them a thank you note for all that they do in helping improve your dog's life.

Adopt a dog – Greenhill always has wonderful dogs waiting to be adopted. The best gift you could give any dog is love and a home.  Come out this weekend and adopt your new best friend! 

Donate to homeless dogs in need-  By volunteering or donating, you can help Greenhill Humane Society care for and find homes for dogs in need.