Marines in Afghanistan flex military and municipal might

Marines in Afghanistan flex military and municipal might »Play Video
The well works, but it still needs a handle.

COMBAT OUTPOST NAREA, Marjah, Afghanistan - First Squad of Weapons Company and the Afghan National Army (ANA) based out of Combat Outpost Narea go on patrol to secure the area and check on a few projects.

As LCpl Gil Frazier walks through an area of mud houses, an Afghan man approaches him. Although the Marines have installed community wells, many locals still ask for individual wells.

Frazier tells the man to come to Narea to further discuss the construction of another well.

The goal of the mission is to view a pump recently installed in a household the Marines visit on a regular basis.

The well is providing clean water, although the owner would like some adjustments and needs a handle.

The Afghan reminds the Marines about his windows, which were ruined by a recent IED blast.

“I’m working on that,” says Frazier.

The other goal today is for the Marines to inspect a wadi by the house.

Weapons Company hired a local to clean the wadi, which means someone burned it out so water can run freely through.

“We were checking up on completion of it. It’s not completely clean,” says Frazier noting there are still bundles of dry foliage in the center of the ditch. “It was pretty well done.”