Photos: 'Our enemies fear this aircraft'

Photos: 'Our enemies fear this aircraft'
Photo courtesy Idaho National Guard
BOISE, Idaho - Forty A-10 aircraft and 200 pilots plus maintenance crew will match bombing, missle, and gunnery skills at targets in the desert near Boise through Saturday.

"It's not glamorous to fly, it's just lethal," said Col. JR Compton with the Idaho Air Guard. "And it's amazing the respect this airplane gets not only from our allies but our enemies. They fear this aircraft."

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"There's a tremendous pride factor in being first," said Lt. Col. Odneal. "You don't want to be last because you're being measured against the best of the best."

Gowen Field is hosting this twice yearly competition because the Idaho Air Guard pilots are the defending A-10 champs.

All photos are courtesy of the Idaho National Guard