Injured bear found in neighborhood put down

Injured bear found in neighborhood put down
A photo of the bear from Thursday

ISSAQUAH, Wash. - A young bear that was found trapped under a log Thursday in an Issaquah back yard has been euthanized after it was found to be paralyzed from a bullet wound, officials said.

A veterinarian examined the bear Friday morning after wildlife officers rescued it and determined that the animal had severe paralysis of its hind legs.

The black bear also was found to have permanent long-term damage to its nerves from the bullet wound, and it was in a lot of pain. So the decision was made to put the animal down.

A necropsy will be performed this afternoon to determine how long ago the bear was injured, which will help authorities determine if it was shot in the Issaquah neighborhood where it was found.

Bear hunting is banned in Issaquah at all times of year, and neighbors say many bears have been seen in the area nearby. None of the bears have ever caused a problem for the people living there.

The injured bear was spotted Thursday at about 6 a.m. by a family who owns the nearby home. They called officials after the bear had not moved for several hours.

Wildlife officials lightly tranquilized the animal and lifted it to safety after they found that it was partially trapped under a log with a root encasing its paw.

It was transferred to PAWS in Lynnwood for a medical exam and X-ray, and that's when a gunshot wound was found in the bear's back.

Wildlife officers say the bullet will be extracted and that will let them know what type of gun was used. They urge anyone with information about who shot this bear to call the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.