Wet, wild weather: 'rain is definitely causing a problem'

Wet, wild weather: 'rain is definitely causing a problem' »Play Video

MAPLETON, Ore. -- A watery weekend took a toll on travelers and residents alike Sunday after the National Weather Service issued a flood warning. 

“I thought this system wasn’t going to hit us,” said Mapleton resident Jason Trebolo. “It seemed like it was going to wash right past us so this is kind of a surprise.”

According the National Weather Service, much of western Oregon was expected to see between two to four inches of rain on Sunday.

From Eugene to Mapleton, drivers along Highway 126 dealt with the relentless rain as they dodged several mini-landslides and puddles of still water.

“The rain is definitely causing a problem for drivers,” said Oregon State Police Trooper Jeff Conklin. “Like this car here,” he said pointing to a spun-out four-door. “These guys hit the water. It spun them completely around and they ended up turned around and in the ditch.”

Pelting raindrops put windshield wipers into overdrive as many drivers worked their way along Highway 126. State troopers said many drivers dealt with larger landslides near Tillamook and Sweethome.

But drivers weren’t the only ones coping with the rain. Mapleton residents along the Siuslaw River said, ever since the National Weather Service issued a flooding advisory, they've become increasingly nervous as the water creeps closer to home.

“I was just watching [the water] and calling the neighbors to see if I need to move any more of my things off my patio,” said Brenda Paterson. “It rained hard last night. It’s still going today, so I’m a little nervous especially with the continued flood warning.”

Within just one hour Sunday morning, flood waters spilled into Paterson’s yard -- creeping from outside their neighbor's home, across the yard, and to the base of her backyard stairs.

Mapleton is used to flood warnings. So, as resident Desta Atkinson said, usually everyone is prepared.

“Typically people can get organized and move what they have to in time,” Atkinson said. “But this time it seems like it’s coming up a little bit quicker. I know everybody on the river and we’re a little bit worried for them.”

According to the weather service, the flood warnings continue for several rivers in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington.

Minor flooding is in the forecast for Siuslaw River near Mapleton late Sunday and early Monday as the river rises above flood stage around midnight, the National Weather Service said.

The Siuslaw River is one of more than a half dozen western Oregon rivers that remain under a flood warning.

As the Siuslaw reaches flood stage around midnight Sunday or early Monday, forecasters said to expect minor flooding of low-lying dairy land along with flooding of some structures right along the banks.