Water levels rising in Douglas County, prompts flooding concerns

Water levels rising in Douglas County, prompts flooding concerns »Play Video
Water roars over the Winchester Dam Sunday afternoon, and nearby residents are watching the water rise into yards all along the North Umpqua River.

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- With steady, warm rain, the river levels have been on the rise in Douglas County, and they are still coming up.

The North Umpqua River was muddy and high Sunday afternoon at the Winchester Dam. The fish ladder was almost completely underwater, as the water roared over the dam with a lot of large debris heading down river.

The river level was inching close to the yards on both sides of the river, and residents there were keeping a watchful eye out.

The North Umpqua near Winchester was at just over 16 feet at mid-afternoon on Sunday, and was expected to crest early Monday morning at  just over 20 feet, which is still six feet below flood stage.

The restroom at Templin Beach in Roseburg was surrounded by water Sunday afternoon, and only some ducks had access to it, as the South Umpqua River covered the parking lot at the boat ramp.

The South Umpqua at Roseburg is expected to crest at just under 20 feet at about 9:00 a.m. on Monday. That's about two feet under flood stage.

At Elkton, the Umpqua was expected to crest at just under 31 feet at about 6:00 a.m. Monday. Flood stage is at 33 feet, so its getting close.

Anyone living in low lying areas or close to rivers and streams, are advised to keep a close eye on the water levels, because they can change quickly.