'We started the panic calls last night'

'We started the panic calls last night'

LEABURG, Ore. -  Sue McKinney surveyed the damage on Monday.

"There are my sprinklers out there," said McKinney. "They are usually on dry land."

On Sunday, the rising McKenzie River threatened her home of nearly 30 years.

"I had water completely covering my lawn, the lawn next door and it was underneath my house," McKinney said. "We started the panic calls last night."

McKinney spent the night at her friend's house up river.

"I didn't sleep last night," she said.

McKinney said she's only seen the river this high once. She returned home on Monday.

"You can see where the water was at its highest which was probably during the night," McKinney said.

 According to McKinney, the damage could have been worse.

"It probably took care of the gophers," she said.

Down river a few miles, a traffic jam of tree trunks clogged the Leaburg Dam.

Eugene Water and Electric Board crews on the scene said they were very concerned about all the debris. They let some water through the dam to lower river levels.

It was a good sign, McKinney said, one that means she'll probably spend the night back in the comfort of her own home.