Washington girl brutally beaten by older girls in taped attack

Washington girl brutally beaten by older girls in taped attack »Play Video
Olivia Burnette is seen in this photo.
SPANAWAY, Wash. -- Her black eye only begins to tell the story of what happened to the seventh-grader on her way home from Bethel Junior High.

"She had multiple bumps all over her body," said mother Kessie Enstrom. "From her neck and back, you could see the blood vessels all at the skin surface."

Enstrom says her daughter got beaten up by a trio of older students.

The victim's family believes the girls wanted to post video of the fight on YouTube or MySpace. The tape has since been erased, but the victim said the deleted tape showed her getting knocked out after taking a knee to her head repeatedly.

The school district has suspended all three girls involved in the attack.

"We thoroughly investigated the matter, and we took disciple accordingly," said Bethel School District spokesman Krista Carlson.

But the victim's mother says the punishment hasn't helped because the girls are back on campus and making trouble for her daughter.

"If you're told to stay away from them, quit going near them. Quit going and just accidentally nudging them," she said.

Even today, the victim still has dizzy spells and trouble balancing. She's had to drop out of her advance-placement classes to focus on her recovery.

Other parents say bullying is an ongoing problem in the Spanaway school system.

"It's really hard to send my kids to school everyday knowing that they don't feel safe," said parent Rhonda Longosky.

School officials say they take bullying very seriously, and continue to work with the parents and students involved.

"As a parent, you got to keep telling us and letting us know what's going on, because we really want to make sure your child stays safe," Carlson said.

Prosecutors are reviewing the case to determine whether misdemeanor assault charges are warranted.

Parents say whatever happens with this case, they want to see the school take additional measures against bullying.