Snow: winter wonderland for kids, disaster for drivers

Snow: winter wonderland for kids, disaster for drivers »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - Thursday morning’s icy roads and snow covered streets made South Eugene a traveling nightmare.

“I just watched a guy slide down the hill. It was pretty scary,” said Judy Abbott, who ditched her car and decided to walk. “He was behind me so I just stopped and let him keep on sliding.”

Others weren’t so lucky.

Sarah Lowe drives her ’98 Toyota Tacoma along 30th Avenue every day, but Thursday’s early snow and freezing temperatures sent her two-wheel drive pickup deep into a ditch.

“I caught the ice right there under the overpass,” said Lowe. “I knocked over the speed limit sign.”

Even tow truck drivers struggled to gain traction.

“I just started sliding sideways, described Ray’s Towing truck driver Dave Brown. “It's not safe to be up here if I had any recommendations I would tell people to stay home.”

While the snowfall was hit or miss on the valley floor Thursday, across town, drivers crossing the ferry street bridge found the snow wasn't sticking.
Where the snow did pile up, plows roared into action.

“We go to 'round the clock’ in these type of events,” said Lane County Public Works Road and Maintenance Supervisor Darrell Randall.

Another collision off Spring Boulevard, forced Eugene Police officers to park and walk.

“My car started to slide coming up that onramp, so I didn't even try to come up here,” said Officer Tim McCutcheon. “I saw the result here and I thought ‘well that's going to be me if I try that’.”
With schools around the Lane and Douglas County closed, for kids, one person's driving nightmare is another's winterland dream.

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