Tsunami risk from 8.9 quake recedes

Tsunami risk from 8.9 quake recedes

EUGENE, Ore. - The tsunami warning for the Oregon Coast has been downgraded to a tsunami advisory, meaning the risk of inland innundation is not expected - but people should continue to stay off the beach and out of harbors and marinas.

California and Oregon's coasts had been under a tsunami warning since late Thursday night. A powerful 8.9 earthquake in Japan triggered widespread devastation there and send a tidal wave racing across the Pacific.

The danger of a tsunami triggered evacuations up and down the Oregon Coast. That danger has since passed, and the Red Cross at 3:15 p.m. Friday said emergency shelters had closed.

The worst damage reported so far happened in Brookings, where the tsunami did millions of dollars in damage to boats and the harbor.

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