The many faces of Matthew Knight Arena

The many faces of Matthew Knight Arena »Play Video
Elton John, Duck basketball, Monster Jam - is there any event Matt Court can't host?

EUGENE, Ore. - After the Oregon Ducks won the CBI championship Friday night, the crowd cheered - and crews went to work transforming Matthew Knight Arena from a basketball court into a rodeo arena.

From 10 p.m. Friday until 4 a.m. Saturday, crews removed the hardwood and trucked in 32 dump truck loads of dirt to complete the change. >>> Watch a timelapse video of the transformation

By the time bullrider Cody Brixey arrived on Saturday, he had no idea Oregon didn't just have a $200 million rodeo arena on campus.

"Yeah, I didn't know that till we got here," Brixey said. "I mean when I walked in i was like 'hooooooly!'"

That's no bull - and not the first "bull" either to bust things up at Matt Court. "El Toro Loco" and the other big rigs of Monster Jam roared into Matthew Knight a week before the rodeo.

"You can actually feel the action in a building like this," said Rod Schmidt, who drives "Grave Digger" in the Monster Jam, "where if you're in a huge stadium your so distant from what's going on it's hard to feel that connection."

In between, the Ducks hosted two CBI basketball games. The quick changes showcase the venue's versatility, from Elton John to a pro tennis exhibtion to this summer's Cirque du Soleil shows.

And many of those shows likely would have given Eugene a pass.

"I think it would have been difficult," said Devan Shea, event director at the arena.

Shea and his team credit the loading dock, adjustable seating and other versatile infrastructure with making the arena a big draw for a variety of events.

"I'd like to think that we could do almost anything," Shea said.

Next up: Matt Court hosts the national championships for collegiate acrobatics and tumbling starting this Thursday.