Gallery: Duck and Beaver legal woes that made headlines

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Duck fans steal Lee Corso's face
  • LaMichael James
  • Jeremiah Masoli
  • Jeremiah Masoli
  • Duck fans steal Lee Corso's face
  • Duck fan burns Reser Field
  • Rob Beard: From victim to perp
  • Matt Simms: Accused of retaliating
Duck fans steal Lee Corso's face
In the fall of 2010, the Ducks followed the pre-season wisdom of LaMichael James to "fly straight and narrow" and made a historic run all the way to the national title game. While the Ducks kept their beaks clean, Duck fans got themselves into some unusual trouble. Two fans pleaded guilty to stealing an oversized novelty mascot head of ESPN broadcaster Lee Corso from the Corvallis set of College Gameday, in town to cover the Civil War.