Rash of fraud prompts warning to LaneCo bank customers

Rash of fraud prompts warning to LaneCo bank customers

EUGENE, Ore. - Police urged citizens to check their bank accounts after numerous reports of fraudulent withdrawals via banks in California and elsewhere.

Eugene police received over a dozen calls Wednesday reporting fraudulent bank activity, and Central Lane 911 has taken upwards of 30 calls. The scammers appear to be targeting customers of credit unions, police told KVAL News.

Investigators are still looking into the case. Initial reports indicate a pattern of activity similar to a card skimming operation or a breach of secured customer data, police said.

Police said the best way to help safeguard your accounts is to remain actively aware of charges and examine statements for out of place transactions.

If individuals find that they have been a victim of fraudulent charges, they should immediately report it to both their bank and the police department of the city in which they reside.

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