Suspects at-large after shooting in Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Lane County Sheriff's Office said two men forced their way into a residence through a window early Sunday morning, fought with the two people inside, and shot one of them. LCSO said the suspects fled the scene on bicycles, and deputies are searching for them.

"At this point we don't know if it was a random act, if they knew each other or if there's some bad blood there," said Deputy Sgt. Spence Slater.

It happened at 1673 Harbor Drive in Springfield, and Sgt. Slater said LCSO is focusing the search in that area and deputies have already canvassed the area.

"They could be anywhere at this point," he said, "we don't know."

Slater said the suspects could be young, as they left the scene on bicycles, but not necessarily.

LCSO said the intruders fought physically with the people inside, including 30-year-old Jesse Blackstone. Deputies said it appeared Blackstone had been struck with some type of weapon, then Blackstone was shot one time.

"It was in the left chest area, possibly striking him in the arm and it crossed into his chest," said Slater. "There is some concern that it's near his spine."

Blackstone was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. As of early Sunday evening, Blackstone is in critical condition.

The other woman in the residence was OK, said Slater. Slater said Blackstone did not live at the residence where the fight happened, and that the woman and Blackstone were related, but he didn't think romantically.

Neighbors in the area said it's a fairly quiet street, so they were shocked to find out something like this happened.

"It concerns me," said neighbor Kevin Wright. "We'll be watching and be careful."

"I know there's probably some shady characters, but I've never witnessed anything crazy around here," said another.

LCSO said one of the suspects is a white male, but no further descriptions are available. Slater said Blackstone was preparing to go into surgery at the hospital the last time deputies spoke with him. According to a press release, it is unclear if the suspects and victim knew each other or what the motive of the intrusion and attack could be.

LCSO is investigating, and asks anyone with information to call (541) 682 4112 or (541) 682 4311.

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