Caught on camera: Dogs v. Sharks

Caught on camera: Dogs v. Sharks
Steven Prejean looks down over a 375 lb. Mako shark Tuesday, March 29, 2011, after he and two other fellow fisherman had a run-in with the shark while fishing early Monday morning. (AP Photo/The Brazosport Facts, Holly Parker) MANDATORY CREDIT

EUGENE, Ore. - Dog-friendly beaches and resorts that cater to canines have grown in popularity in the past few years and can be found around the country and along the Oregon Coast, The Associated Press reports.

Dogs can have run-ins with sea gulls and sea stars.

And in Oregon, sniffing around dead seals, sea lions and whales can prove deadly to dogs.

But what about live sharks? Great whites and other sharks aren't unheard of in Oregon.

The phenomenon of dog vs. shark encounters crossed the KVAL News desk on Monday.

A quick search of YouTube shows the encounters aren't rare.

Here's an incident in Australia posted in May:

Here's a similar incident in Australia posted in 2007:

The land down under doesn't have a lock on canine-shark encounters caught on film. Here's a clip from way up north in Alaska from May 2008:

Who knew sharks were just one more reason to keep your dog on a leash or under strict voice control.