Police raid fortified indoor pot grow

Police raid fortified indoor pot grow

EUGENE, Ore. - Police raided indoor marijuana growing operations at two homes on Thursday morning, including one in a fortified home across the street from a school.

Two men were taken into custody after an interagency narcotics team searched a 24th Avenue home across the street from the Arts & Technology Academy at Jefferson, a K-8 school.

Michael Peter Cain, 34, and Michael Munter, 27, face charges of manufacturing, distributing and possessing a controlled substance.

A third man was arrested at a Dove Lane home in the Bethel neighborhood. Joshua Springer, 28, faces the same charges.  

Both homes had fortified doors, dogs and other fortifications. A pig roamed the yard outside the Dove Lane home.

The search is ongoing, and the scale of the grow operation is not yet fully known, according to Melinda McLaughlin with the Eugene Police Department.

"This is very close to a school, across the street from a school," she said. "It's very concerning, neighbors have been complaining for a significant time. The investigation has been ongoing for about a year. It's a very large grow with fortifications, firearms and dogs for security, makes it a risky operation for the neighorhood. It becomes a possibility as a target for home invasions also if somebody were to try and rip off the place. There could be exchanges of gun fire. There's a lot of concerns that go into that type of thing."