From Autzen to EMU, UO to go tobacco-free in 2012

From Autzen to EMU, UO to go tobacco-free in 2012 »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - Starting in fall 2012, smoking will be banned on all University of Oregon property - including areas used by tailgaters outside Duck football games at Autzen Stadium.

Under the new smoke-free campus policy, smokers will literally have to leave campus to smoke a cigarette. The exact boundaries of the ban - and any penalties for violating the ban - have not yet been determined.

"With tighter tobacco control policy, that more people do quit and less people start, and that's an advantage to everybody," said Paula Staight with the UO Health Center, "And we  know the majority of people do want to quit."

Students and staff will have free access to gum and patches to help quit. Will it work?

"I don't think it helps much honestly, because anybody who smokes will just walk off campus," said freshman Chris Richter.

Junior Wes Crosswhite smokes five to 10  cigarettes a day. A campus rule isn't going to make him give it up.

"I don't want to right away," he said, "so it's not fair to me. It will really suck, because U of O is a big campus. I'll have to smoke 15 minutes that way or 10 minutes that way before I can go to class. And in between classes I won't get any smoking time, either."

That means the hustle and bustle of campus will be smoke-free.

"I feel great about that," said Jojoe Nujoy, a UO grad student. "It's just really annoying when the smoke is blowing in your face."

"I don't mind if people are doing it in designated areas," said freshman Kim Ames, "but when i'm walking, I don't want to smell it."