Marines in Afghanistan explain their tattoos

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  • Grade III concussion
  • Peanut
  • My Brother's Keeper
  • Torture
  • $600
  • Never let go
  • Nothing lasts... forever
"It's just the blank face of the Grim Reaper just to remind me that death comes in all forms, you can�t see it or know when it�s going to happen," say Machine Gunner Cpl Anthony Palaia of Fox Company, showing the gruesome tattoo on his side. "You always got to remember that its possible, at any time." On his chest are two bat like skeletons and the words "crucio," Latin for torment. For Palaia the words are a reminder of why he joined the Marine Corps. "I was going downhill hanging out with the wrong people, doing the wrong things," he says. "I decided one day I was done with it, came into the Marine Corps and it's been the best decision of my life."