'I might lose my lung, but if that's it - I can handle it'

'I might lose my lung, but if that's it - I can handle it' »Play Video
Being a teenager is hard enough, but having to battle cancer at the same time is near impossible to do alone.

But Natalie Hill has found a lot of support via Facebook.

On July 1, 2010, the then 14-year-old was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in her left leg.

The question was whether or not to remove it.

"I had the option of losing my leg, or keeping my leg and not being able to do sports," said Hill. "I chose to lose it and do sports. That was the only thing that kept me going. I was thinking, 'yYeah, I can do sports!"

After a stint of Chemo, Natalie went back to Portland in September and found that lesions had developed on her lungs.

Doctors told her family to focus on "quality of life," but Hill and her family pushed on.

"We got a second opinion and they gave us a treatment plan. There's a possibility I might lose my lung, but if that's it I can handle that."

However, she also decided to compile a "bucket list" of things she'd still like to experience in her life.

She never thought though that, when she posted it to her Facebook page, she would get such a huge response from all sorts of people.

"I never expected this and its really kinda cool."

When you meet Natalie you come away so impressed at how well she is handling such a grown-up challenge in her young life that you may forget she is still just a teen...with wishes on her list like having a boy sneak in through her window.

"Because all of the teenage movies. Like, throwing rocks at the window and they climb up...that's one of the cliche things I didn't want to miss out on."

And because of her list, that too can be crossed-off, but many others remain.

So, community members have decided to hold an event to help out on Nov. 19.

Due to a concern over germs, only high school age and above are invited to attend the "Bucket List fundraiser for Natalie Hill."

Organizer Misty Speakman hopes that Natalie will be able to feel the love that night.

"I hope she can take that with her for many, many, many years down the road and she can see that a stranger can love her just as much as someone who has loved her her whole life."

Hill is already feeling it. "All the people coming together for me is amazing. I just want to say thank you."

Donations for the fundraiser can be dropped-off at the Beauty Bar in North Bend or the Bay Burger Inn in the Empire section of Coos Bay.

And for more information on how you can get a shirt, or about the list, you can search for Natalie Hill's Facebook page and click the "like" button.