Warhawk Museum showcases aircraft from America's wars

Warhawk Museum showcases aircraft from America's wars »Play Video

NAMPA, Idaho - Walking through the doors at the Warhawk Museum in Nampa is like walking through a time portal and arriving in yesteryear.

The museum features collections from both World Wars, Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War and a few items from the war in Iraq.

The museum started back in 1989 inside a 7,000 square foot airplane hanger at the Caldwell Airport but museum co-founder Sue Paul said growth forced the museum to change locations.

"We moved from Caldwell to the Nampa Airport in 2001 where we built this 20,000 square foot museum because we simply out grew the 7,000 square foot hanger in Caldwell," Paul said.

Once the new location was up and running, it didn't take long for more collections of airplanes, cars and other items to find a place inside the Museum.

Last year, the museum expanded with the opening of an 18,000 square foot wing that included rare items from the Cold War, Korean and Vietnam War eras.

Some of the biggest attractions are the fighter planes that are still operational and used in various air shows. Pilot John-Curtis Paul said the collection of aircraft caused the museum to experience it's greatest expansion.

"We've grown into having everything ranging from a WWI D-7 to a Triplane and all the way up to an F-87 Saber jet and Huey gunship," Paul said.

Museum executives are already anticipating more expansion as they continue to collect more rare items. >>> Visit the museum's website