Real reality: Life is sweet for real cake bosses

Real reality: Life is sweet for real cake bosses »Play Video
Cheryl and Catherine Reinhart

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EUGENE, Ore. - Reality TV shows like "Cake Boss" may not play a role in Sweet Life's business plan, but it has presented the occasional challenge for owners - and siblings - Cheryl and Catherine Reinhart.

"People see those creations, and they are amazing," says Catherine, "But they don't realize the time that goes into it, and time is money."

It's the kind of money that tends to catch customers off guard.  Catherine Reinhart said it isn't uncommon for some of the more extravagant cakes to go for $15 to $20 per serving. 

However, those creative cakes do inspire.

"Sometimes there are complicated cakes like that that we can simplify and do for less but it’s a great idea," Catherine said.

But keeping up with current trends in the baking industry can be a challenge.

"People are always asking about whats gluten free," Cheryl said. "So we are trying to make more stuff that gluten-free people will like."

Cheryl Reinhart has recently been working on a gluten-free frangipane tart that they can add to the menu, and has gone through several different versions before finding the right recipes.

The Reinhart sisters have taken their at home baking business and turned it into a powerhouse patisserie that employs 55 people, proving that with hard work and a lot of love, life really can be sweet.