Airlines cut some Eugene flights

Airlines cut some Eugene flights »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - Boeing 737 service between Eugene and San Francisco started last month with much excitement. 

But exactly one month after United Airlines started the flights, the airline announced the service will stop in August.

In late June, Horizon Airlines will cut one Seattle flight. 

These changes are symptoms of the unhealthy airline industry.  Thanks to high fuel costs and the weak economy, airlines are bleeding money--and they're dipping into your wallet to recoup lost costs. 

This week, Delta Airlines announced it will tack on $10 to $40 in fuel surcharges per roundtrip ticket.  American Airlines became the sixth carrier to add a $25 charge for checking a second bag. 

Meanwhile, US Airways and United Airlines are considering a merge similar to the recently announced Delta-Northwest Airlines merger. 

That means less competion.

The Eugene Airport's director is watching potential mergers with a close eye. 

"We'll have to look at that, because both US Airways and United fly into here," said Tim Doll.  "So we'll have to look at that to see if it'll affect any of our routes. We think it'll work for us and be positive for us but until they come up with details about how it'll work we won't know for sure."

 Many travelers we spoke with say they've had enough. 

 "I think it's very hard, I don't look forward to flying anymore. It's just too much of a drudge, at least the large plane helped somewhat," said Eugene resident Bill Nagy.

Others say they'll keep flying, because the alternative means paying more.

"We just flew to Vegas, and it was cheaper to fly to Vegas than to drive a vehicle for two people," said Rick Higgins.

His relative, Gary Higgins, agrees.

 "It's still a better deal," said Gary Higgins. "Of course, I hate saying that because people will pick up on it and it will get more expensive."