Top ten property taxpayers in Lane County

Top ten property taxpayers in Lane County
Hynix, a manufacturer of computer memory, is the number one property taxpayer in Lane County.

The proposed Lane County budget makes cuts to contend with the loss of revenue from the Secure Rural Schools and Communities Act.

David Garnick, budget/financial planning manager for Lane County, said those cuts only get the country through fiscal year 2010/2011 without the need for further cuts.

Garnick said the county faces a "structural deficit" whereby costs associated with delivering government services outpace growth in property tax revenues. Expenses are growing at about 5 to 6 percent a year; revenues are only growing at 3 to 4 percent due to limits on property taxes enacted by Oregon voters.

But who are the top taxpayers and how much do they pay?

The Lane County budget overview details the top ten.

Hynix Semiconductor (high-tech manufacturing) $6,023,784

Weyerhaeuser Co. (wood products) $5,835,734

Qwest Corp. (utility) $2,097,528

Valley River Center (retail) $1,681,298

Symantec Corporation (customer care) $1,315,454

Northwest Natural Gas (utility) $1,251,096

PeaceHealth (health) $1,119,256

Gateway Mall Partnership (retail) $885,615

Verizon Wireless VAW (utility) $701,897

Molecular Probes, Inc. (high-tech manufacturing) $645,579